Head Coach Jason Hartman

Coaching Education/Licensing Level:

United Soccer Coaches Youth State Diploma
United Soccer Coaches Youth Level 3 Diploma
United Soccer Coaches 4v4 Diploma
United Soccer Coaches Small Sided Games Diploma
US Soccer Federation F License
US Soccer Federation E License
US Soccer Federation D License
US Soccer Grassroots Referee


How many years have you been on staff with Hartford United SC?

6 years with HUSC, 16 total years as a coach

Why do you coach youth soccer?

The reward of developing a player and watching them succeed at higher and higher levels of soccer

What is the best advice you could give young players?

Have confidence in yourself to try and do not fear failure.  The more you try, the more you will learn.  Play a position where you aren’t comfortable.  Use your non-dominant foot. 

What is your favorite hobby (outside of soccer)?

KC Chiefs and Detroit Red Wings fan

I have rediscovered reading in the past few years.  

What is your favorite movie?

The Lion King

What is your favorite food?

Bowl of chili

Did you play soccer growing up? – If so, how many years?

I played recreational soccer through elementary and middle school.

Who do you look up to as a coaching mentor?

Jim Schrot really challenged me when I first started coaching for HUSC.  I had some initial coaching education, but I didn’t really apply it very well.  I am a very different coach after coming to HUSC and working with Jim, but I am certain I would not have improved without all the feedback Jim has given me these years.


It is a family, without a doubt.  The values that we operate the Club align with my personal values.  I love that we teach players to solve their own problems.  Coaches can’t make the decisions on the field during the game, we can only give them the tools to help them succeed as an individual and with their team.  

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