Staff Coach Kolton Janz

Coaching Education/Licensing Level:

This is my first year.


Why do you coach youth soccer?
I am looking forward to coaching youth soccer because it had such a big impact on my life growing up. It taught me skills, technique, and strategy, but it also taught me so many life lessons that I still keep in mind looking at decisions I make in my everyday life.

What is the best advise you could give young players?
The best advice I can give to young players is to be “all in” in everything you do. Pushing yourself to be better, even on the days you don’t want to, is going to have the biggest impact on your development, from the soccer field to the classroom, or anything else you are eager to achieve.

What is your favorite hobby (outside of soccer)?
Playing golf, and spending time with my dog are the things I like to do most in my free time.

What is your favorite movie?
When the Game Stands Tall

What is your favorite food?

Did you play soccer growing up? – If so, how many years?
I played soccer for 14 years, including 12 at HUSC.

Who do you look up to as a coaching mentor?
Jim Schrot. I played for Jim 10 of my 12 years at HUSC, and I learned so many things about the game, but also life from him. To this day, I still go to him for advice when I need an external opinion, and I think the way he chooses to coach has a lasting impact on all of his players.

I want to coach at HUSC because of everything it gave me in my development as a player, and as a person. The teams I played on at HUSC were never the biggest, strongest, or fastest teams, but we found a lot of success being technical, and never backing down from a fight with a bigger team

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