Player Referral Program

Hartford United Soccer Club is pleased to introduce our new Player Referral Program!
We are always looking to add players to our Academy and Competitive Programs and if you can help us, we will help you by providing a Referral Bonus for each player that you can bring to our club!

How It Works

  1. If you know of an interested player, please have that player (or parent) email us at to let us know that you referred them.
  2. It is up to that player to list the name of the family that referred them when registering with WYSA to play. Required
  3. HUSC will mail you a check in August!

It’s that easy! And there is no limit to the number of players you can refer!

Referral Structure

$25 for your first referral
$50 for your second referral
$75 for your third referral
An additional $50 for four or more

The Following Conditions Apply:

  1. Referred player must be new to the club or have not played with HUSC for over a year.
  2. The player referred must first register with WYSA via Playmentrics and remain with the team for the entire season.
  3. The referral program is only valid and applicable for players who have their club fees fully paid after registering for the season.
  4. The referral program applies to players referred for U8 or older. Micro is not eligible.
  5. Each referred player is eligible – it is NOT per family (ie: the family joining the club has 2 children. You will receive the bonus for both players).

*HUSC reserves the right to discontinue this program at our discretion. HUSC will honor all referrals made until that time.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at

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