HUSC Past Player Cristian Tyrpak

What was your jersey number with Hartford United?

My jersey number at Hartford United was #9

Where are you currently playing and what position(s) are you playing?

I am currently a center forward for the Concordia University of Wisconsin’s Men’s Soccer Team.

Do you have a goal to play professional soccer after college?
I have no plans to play professionally after my collegiate career is over. I am studying Justice & Public Policy with hopes of being a Law Enforcement Officer after school.

Do you plan to coach once your playing career is over?
I would love to coach at some point in my life and help other’s learn to love the game as I did.

Were you excited or nervous to join HUSC?
I was excited to join HUSC. I had left for 3 years and came back for my last club season. It was exciting to come back and play for them again.

Any memories of the transition to HUSC that you can share for new players joining us?
Try not to be nervous. Joining a new club, whether you played there years before or whether it is a completely new atmosphere, can be a little nerve wracking but you’ll be just fine.

If you could meet up with one HUSC coach for breakfast who would it be and why?
I would meet up with Coach Jim Schrot. He is the man who helped me become the player I am today and he is a great friend to me, as well as a coach.

If you had to do it all over again, is there anything that you would do different?
I would stretch more. Pulling my hamstring in the first game of the season was a blow to my gut and missing half of the season wasn’t fun. I wouldn’t do anything differently however, as everything happens for a reason.

What was most important to you in your development as a player with Hartford United SC?  
I played for HUSC from U11 through U14 and then came back for my U18 season. During my U11-U14 seasons, I was surrounded by coaching staff that wanted to see me, as well as everyone else succeed. They teach you everything from technique and skill to mentality so that you can be an extra step ahead at every point in the game.

What is your proudest accomplishment with Hartford United SC?
My proudest moment had to have been scoring my first goal this last spring season. I had missed over half the season so we only had a few games left in the season and it was my first full game back from injury. It was exhilarating to be able to score the goal and be able to run back to coach and give him a hug because we both knew I was finally back where I belonged.

What advice would you give current players as they set goals in hopes of playing at the college level?
Play where your coach needs you. It may not be a position you are used to but you have to do what you need to to help the team. College coaches want flexible players that will play whereever they will help the team the most, not players who will complain when thet aren’t put in their “normal” position. Let the coaches guide you but learn to motivate yourself so you can succeed further.


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