HUSC Past Player Anna Roskopf

What was your jersey number with Hartford United?
I wore #17.

Where are you currently playing and what position(s) are you playing?
I am currently playing soccer at Concordia University Wisconsin as an outside defender
and center back.

Do you have a goal to play professional soccer after college?
I do not have a goal of playing professional soccer because I am studying to become a
pediatric nurse in the future.

Do you plan to coach after your soccer career is over?
Yes, without a doubt!! I love working with kids and I enjoy working with the youth l earning the game even more. Every summer I volunteered working at a youth soccer camp and loved it. I am currently coaching a group of young kids on Friday nights while I am at school and enjoy it. My dad was a coach of mine for many years and I can’t wait to take what he and my other coaches taught me to share my love and knowledge of the game with them!

Were you excited or nervous to join HUSC?
Joining HUSC made me very excited yet nervous. I came from rec to HUSC when I was 10 and I was nervous for the new group of players I would be with, however once I made the transition I was so glad I did!

Any memories of the transition to HUSC that you can share for new players joining us?
When I first joined HUSC, I was placed on an all boys team with only a couple girls. At the time I struggled with my skills and confidence as a player. However, HUSC provided a very positive environment for me to become much better. I was able to get the coaching I needed i n order to be successful. In addition, I met some of my close friends through playing soccer with HUSC that I still talk to now. I was able to not only grow as a soccer player, but also as an individual because of the leadership opportunities and responsibilities I had.

If you could meet up with one HUSC coach for breakfast who would it be and why?
If I could meet up with one HUSC coach for breakfast I would meet up with Coach Chris Pratt. Coach Chris coached me my last year of HUSC and I really enjoyed playing for him. I always looked forward to going to practice and games. He gave me different ways
to challenge myself during training and games i n order to improve my play. Coach Chris always was able to get my team and I laughing which made it super enjoyable.

If you had to do it all over again what would you do differently?
I honestly would not change anything. My time with HUSC has been great and I am so glad that I had the experience I did throughout my years as a player for this club.

What was most important to you in your development as a player with Hartford United
I was really dedicated to be the best player I could be. During practice I always came with a good attitude and I was willing to work hard. I set big goals for myself in order to motivate myself to be better. I had several friends that were talented soccer players that I looked up to and really motivated me to want to play just like them. I always have held myself to really high standards and stayed dedicated to soccer because I love it so much. I was able to use my dedication and motivation to lead many of my teams over
the years. In addition my HUSC coaches always led me in a positive direction to improve my play.

What is your proudest accomplishment with Hartford United SC?
Winning Kick Some Grass several times. KSG was always a weekend I looked forward to all year. I enjoyed playing the home tournament and then going and supporting all of
my friends and the different age levels of HUSC. It was the best feeling winning our home tournament with my teammates. In addition each year I worked really hard to be the best version of myself and to be a leader on and off the field. I was captain several of my years in HUSC, which has been rewarding to have the ability to lead some of my
great teammates.

What advice would you give to current players as they set goals in hopes of playing at
the college level?
Show up and work hard!! Have a positive attitude each and every day when you show up to games and practices because if you carry a negative attitude i t affects everyone
around you!! Treat yourself, coaches and teammates with respect always!! Make sure to set goals in order to guide you to success and take that extra step to make you better.
Once you have a positive mentality, set goals, and are willing to work hard, success will come!!

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